Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I signup ?

After you signup, you receive your login details. Its better that you change the password. You will get an additional email which will highlight some rules and guidelines. That’s it, read the guidelines and start sending requests. We ask you to start with simple tasks so that you get used to the process and the designer gets used to the style of work you like. Once you get used to the system and process, you can send complex tasks. Remember, feedback and good communication is the way to extract the best out of this service. Lets rock!.

What do you really mean by “Limitless Revisions” ?

Believe it or not, we mean what we say, but it is also another way of saying “We’ll work on it until you’re 100% happy”.

Will you really do as much as I ask for each month ?

Again the answer is yes, providing the work is for one individual company, excluding advertising agencies and the like. Basically, if you own a company, we’ll deal with all your requests for design and graphic illustration, all for one single monthly fee.

This is brilliant as I have a pile of work that needs doing, and after the month is up, I can just cancel the agreement.

This is quite a common reaction and you’d think we’d get taken advantage of. Well we had our concerns, but what actually happens is that we do a load of work the first month, then our clients just see what happens the next month, and then they decide it’s a really good idea having an ‘in house’ graphics department at a really affordable price.

Who owns the copyright for the work you provide ?

Because you pay us a fee and that fee is for any amount of work in any given month, you will own the copyright for any work done in any particular month. That also gives you the right to reproduce any of our work in any form you wish. It can be on T-shirts to leaflets and everything else in between.

But I really want a logo and/or video and/or a website ?

For logo and/or website requests Please contact us
For Video (live and animation) please use this excellent service
Once you are all set then join us and we will take it from there! Easy, huh?

Will you really do as much as I ask for each month ?

Again the answer is YES!!!We believe in open, honest and realistic communication and expect our clients to do the same.

What is the turnaround time for a particular request ?

We expect that the request made by the client should be as clear and precise as possible. We have a project manager who assigns the requests to the designers if and only if the requests are absolutely clear. Unclear requests will be send back to the clients for further clarification. This being said, the turnaround time for a clearly defined request is around 1 business day. Requests made between 9am and 1pm EST will be considered for next day delivery. Those after 1pm EST will be delivered the two days after.

How do I get work done ?

Just send us an email with the task requirements in a document with clear details. You can be as vague or precise as you want, and you can submit any existing artwork or links to other work on other websites to give us some helpful inspiration. Also let us know exactly what the work will be required for so we provide it in the right format – it alters for online or physical printing. We have access to cloud storage, so large files can easily be transferred, thus removing restrictions on sizes of emails that can be sent. Once we receive your instructions we will confirm our understanding of them and then it is all systems go.

What if I don’t like what you have done ? 

We can’t guarantee to get everything right first time so we know there will be occasions when what we provide you with will need to be altered or changed. We tend not to respond too well to negative criticism along the lines of “I don’t like it” but we warm to constructive criticism where your feedback can enable us to get a much clearer idea of what it is you are ultimately looking for.

I don’t think this is working out, what do I do ? 

We’d hate it if this was the result as we would feel we had let you down in some way. However, it may just be that you don’t need us as much as you had first anticipated. The simple answer is just cancel the monthly payment. You don’t need to do anything else, though if you have any constructive feedback for us, we would welcome it as we are always keen to improve on the service we offer.

How many revisions are we talking about here ?

Limitless till you are satisfied. Please note, each new revision request is considered as a new task.

Can I get work done for my clients as well ?

Yes, as long as the request comes from the email which is assigned to a particular account then we are good to go.

Do I have a fixed contract ?

Absolutely NOT! You will be charged monthly and can cancel the service at anytime before the following month is over. So if you are charged on the 5th June and you cancel your subscription on the 18th August then your service will stop from 4th September. We therefore kindly ask you to give us 30 days notice so all the transactions are carried on smoothly and both the parties are satisfied.

I am an agency – can I also serve my clients with this fixed monthly fee ?

Absolutely yes! Flat fee for everything.

Still got questions? Please Contact Us